Message For The Day

Mark 10:13-17

When the Word of God comes, the Spirit of God comes and we are excited and feel wonderful. The feeling of being born again and washed from sin in the Blood of the Lamb is the greatest feeling in the world.

When the Baby is born, the mother does all she can to feed and nourish the new baby. She is careful to keep it safe from injury and keep it warm. If we would only stay in the Word of God, pray regularly and guard over the Holy Spirit as He moves into our heart..., we would not see so many who go back into the world so quickly.

We need to caress the Word of God, pay close attention to what the Spirit is saying to us, and Feed the Spiritual Man, nurturing it until it can become stronger than the natural man. We must watch every move we make, every word we say, everything we do so that we can begin to emulate Christ in our lives.

Our new heart needs a lot of attention and must be fed with the things of the Spirit on a regular basis or our spiritual growth will be stunted. Remember, you are both a natural man and a spiritual man at the same time. Whichever side of your nature you feed the most and give the most attention to will be the one that becomes the strongest and controls your life. Feed the spiritual man through prayer, fasting, involvement in the church and study of the Bible and you will become a strong Christian.

The mother of the baby will watch its every move and notice every change that comes with growth. Every one of us has to go through a growth process where we allow the Word of God to change us into the image of Christ.

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones has come up with a way to tell his entire life history. He says, “I am not what I used to be, I am not what I shall be, but, by the Grace of God and through the Blood of the Lamb, I shall become what I am supposed to be.”

Just as we are always kissing, hugging or carrying the baby around we must also hold the Word of God and the Kingdom of God close to our heart. We should carry the Word in our Heart, meditate upon it, digest it and memorize it until the Word begins to grow within us and we have developed a relationship with God that nothing can replace.

The last thing that any mother should want to do is hinder the growth of their child. Any loving mother will feed her child, keep that child clean and make sure that the child has everything necessary for growth.