“The Division Within”
Luke 12:49-57

This is usually what happens when Jesus showed up. There was division and strife between the people. Of all the false charges the religious leaders threw at Jesus at His mock trial, one of them was true. He did stir up the people.

In other words, Jesus came to shake things up a bit. Jesus came to relieve people from the traditionalism that had nothing to do with God or the love of God.

Jesus came to ask the tough questions and challenge the status quo. Jesus came to make us question our motives. Jesus came not to bring peace but strife and division.

In Luke chapter 4, after being tested in the desert, Jesus came into a synagogue preaching “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor”.

The word says that after the sermon was preached the people were astonished. The people were amazed. They were amazed at the beautiful words that fell from His lips. They never heard preaching like this before. “How can this be”, they asked. “Isn’t this Joseph’s son?”

But happiness and adoration quickly changed into seething hatred when He talked about Naaman being healed and the widow’s son being raised from the dead. The word said that the good church folk, after hearing Jesus say this, wanted to throw Jesus off a cliff. Just by showing up and preaching, Jesus caused strife and division.

After Jesus in Mark 5, healed the man named Legion from all the demons that were plaguing him, the people were astonished. But when they found out that Jesus caused the demons to go into the pigs thereby making them drown and destroying their economy, they told Jesus to go back where He came from. We don’t want you around here anymore. You are ruining our business. Just by showing up and healing a man, Jesus caused strife and division.

You can say that Jesus was in the disturbing business. He wouldn’t let you off easy as the rich young ruler found out. He wouldn’t play theological mind games with you, as the woman at the well found out.

He always challenge the status quo, making them either do better or figure out ways to get rid of him. Just by being the person that he was, Jesus caused strife and division.

We’ll continue tomorrow.

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