Holy Week Experience
Matthew 26:59-68

This Holy Week is not some memorial to a nice, good religious teacher who lived 2000 years ago. It’s a celebration of the fact that He is alive today. I’m living proof and so are other people sitting around you and approximately one billion Christians will celebrate Holy Week this week and Easter next weekend.

Romans 1:4 “By being raised from the dead, He proved he was the mighty Son of God, with the nature of God Himself.” When Jesus was hanging on the cross, the skeptics and the critics, mocked Him and said, “If You’re the Son of God, why don’t You just pull Yourself down from that cross. Why don’t You just come down and show that You’re really God.”

Jesus was going to do something far more than just come down from the cross. He had something more spectacular planned. He said, “I’m going to let you bury me for three days, then I’ll come back to life to prove that I am what I am.”

Can you imagine the joy that the disciples felt; the excitement that they felt when they realized that the man that had been crucified three days earlier was who He said He was?

Thus, THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS SHOWS HIS POWER. What does this mean to me in the year 2021? In one sense Jesus Christ is still on trial. He’s on trial in every heart and mind of every person who’s not yet acknowledged Him for who He is. ” He’s on trial in our mind and heart if we’ve never done that.

A recent Harris poll said 86% of all Americans say that Jesus Christ is who He claimed to be. What’s your verdict? You see, Easter really boils down to two issues and two only. One, Is Jesus who He says He is? Or is He a lunatic or a liar? And Two, if He is who He says He is, when are you going to start following what He says to do with your life?

Today, we sit in judgment of Jesus Christ. We’re deciding, just like Pilate said, “What shall I do then with Jesus who is called the Christ?” That’s the most important question of life. What are we going to do with Jesus who is called the Christ?

Today, we’ll sit in judgment of Jesus to decide whether He is who He says He is or not. But one day Jesus Christ is going to set in judgment of us. And God’s going to say, “What did you do with My Son, Jesus who I sent to earth to die for you and He said I love you this much.”

Jesus will either be our savior or He will be our judge. Depending on what we do with Him will determine where we spend our eternity – heaven or hell. You say, “I don’t like to talk about that!” I don’t either, but Jesus did. He knows more about it than you or I.

Are you willing to gamble your life that He was wrong? It’s time for a verdict. What are you going to do?

Billy Graham, has been quoted many times as saying that the greatest mission field in our country today is in our local church; the people sitting already in our churches. Now I am not sure whether this statement is true or not, but one thing that I do know is that many people know what to say, how to say it, even how to act in it, but when the rubber truly meets that road, where is the personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

No salvation- just empty words.


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