Holy Week Experience
Matthew 26:59-68

First He went to Annas, then a trial before Caiaphas, the high priest. Next, a trial before the Sanhedrin, the religious Supreme Court. Then He went before Pilate, the governor of Jerusalem. Then Herod, the governor of Galilee. Then He was back to Pilate again. He went through six different trials, that night.

When they finished those six trials, what did they have to accuse Him of, NOTHING. He had done nothing wrong. They had no crime against Him, no accusation that would stick. They brought in people to make up phony charges but they didn’t stick. Finally they got Him convicted on one count. He claims to be the Son of God. That’s why they put Jesus on the cross. He claims to be the Son of God.

Matthew 26 “The priests were looking for false evidence against Jesus so they could put Him to death but they didn’t find anything. Then they said, `Tell us if You are the Christ, the Son of God.’ `it is as you say,’ said Jesus. Then they spit in His face and struck Him with their fists and others slapped Him.” Notice: Jesus never claimed to be a good man. He never claimed to be a moral leader. He never claimed to be a great teacher. He said, “I’m God. I’m the only way to heaven. No one comes to the Father but through Me.”

That kind of changes the agenda a little bit. For instance, if I were to say, “I’m a good teacher.” Some of you would say, “Yes, he is a good teacher.” If I were to say, “I’m a good man and I’m an ethical person and I teach good moral principles,” you might agree with that. But if all of a sudden I stood up here and said, “By the way, I’m god! And the only way you’re ever going to get to heaven is to put your trust in me,” would you feel a little bit differently about me? It’d force you to make a decision.

Everybody listening to or reading this message has already made some kind of decision about Jesus Christ. You either believe He’s a liar or you believe He’s a lunatic or you believe He’s the Lord. It can’t just be: “I believe He was a good teacher.” He couldn’t be a good teacher because a good teacher would not say, “I’m God and I’m the only way to heaven.” A good person would not say that unless it was the truth. And if it’s not true we ought to close up shop and go home. You have to decide is Jesus deluded, is He an intentional deceiver or is He deity? Is He really who He said He was, God?

Jesus claimed to be the savior of the world in John 12:47 “I didn’t come to judge the world. I came to save it.” That’s why He allowed Himself to be put on trial so there would be no doubt about who He was. Obviously, being God, He could have stopped the trial at any moment, but He allowed it to happen and He even knew that He would be proven guilty and put on the cross. But it was all part of the plan. It cost Jesus Christ His life to pay for our sins. But He was willing to do it.

More tomorrow.

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