The Example of Christ 
Philippians 2:5-11

It is amazing when we consider what the Bible tells us when man first committed sin in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve ate of the fruit and they were tempted because they would be like God. In other words they wanted to receive the majesty to become like God. It brought the fall to the world.

Now here is Jesus Christ who had all of that, who is God. He does not hold on to that but willingly humbled Himself.

Verse 7 says, He was made nothing. He emptied Himself, stripped Himself of all outward appearance of the divine to walk as human flesh on this earth, to take on the full nature of a man. Like a king who would discard his robes and his crown to walk among the peasants and be one with them.

Jesus Christ put aside his heavenly robes and became one of us. He became a man just like us, taking on the nature of a servant. Jesus Christ came not to be served, but to serve. That was His humility. He possessed supreme authority yet He became a servant.

Christ being found in human form. Here is His true humanity. Jesus became human. He didn’t just appear as God with the appearance of a body. He became human. Jesus took on the full human nature with all the human characteristics. He grew in a human society as each of us has. He being God took on full humanity.

There were two things that Jesus could not do before He took on humanity. He could not suffer and He could not die. But now these are things He could do to the full extent. Because He humbled Himself, He would know suffering as no one had ever known suffering before.

He would know death, even the most despicable death of a criminal. He experienced that humility of humbling Himself to the point of death.

Paul wants to communicate a message to the Philippians. He wants to communicate a message of humility. He is telling them they need to put their own selfish interests aside and follow the example of Jesus Christ in humility.

It is the ultimate illustration of humility. Jesus humbled Himself. Can’t we heed the message of Paul and live in humility? Can’t we put aside our self-interests and live by the example of Christ who humbled Himself more than anyone else?

Humility is the example of Christ. If you say, “I want to be a good Christian,” we must follow Christ in the attitude of humility. Only if we will humble ourselves and allow Jesus to be our example and motivate us to service in humility will we truly be able to be the Christian that we would like to be and that God would have us to be.

We see that Christ set an example of humility. In verse 8 we see a further example of Jesus Christ. We see the example of obedience. Jesus Christ was obedient. His example extends beyond humility to obedience. Jesus placed himself as a servant to do God’s will and He never shrank from that.

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