Message For The Day

“The First Fruits of the Spirit”
Romans 8:1-17

The question is “do these characteristics sound familiar, if so, good.” If not, then I invite you to take that step of faith. Including in that faith are many benefits, one of those is assurance of no condemnation.

First Fruit, Spirit-filled Benefits…

Benefit #1 Those who have accepted Christ have had their past sins forgiven. For God “has cast all their iniquities as a stone into the depths of the sea” and “remembers their sin no more.” Once we have confessed, “the very memory of our sin perishes.” Past sins are forgiven…

Benefit #2 - For those who have experienced salvation by faith, present sins do not condemn.

John in his writings said, “Those who have been born of God do not continue in sin, because God’s seed abides in them; they cannot continue in sin, because they have been born of God.”

When we abide in Christ, we cannot continue in sin, because our spirit which is in communication with God’s Spirit knows better.

Wesley said that “While the sinner is judged by God and is held by even the thoughts of their conscious minds, the believer even when attacked by the world, by Satan, or (more frequently) by our own evil hearts, can rest assured in that they do not need to come under that same judgment.

God does not condemn them for their foolishness but rather shows kindness to them as “a father has compassion for his children.” Present sins do not condemn, they show us a way to get closer to our heavenly father.

Benefit #3 – Those who have experience salvation find no condemnation within.

Having been justified by faith, they have the peace of God which removes any sense of guilt, or any dread of God’s wrath. “Those who believe in the Son of God have the testimony written in their hearts.” Wesley said, “their peace flows from a constant sense of God’s pardoning mercy and the appeal of a good conscience.” Within themselves, there is no condemnation.

Therefore, if Christ abides in you, then there is no condemnation, past, present or within. Which leads us to ask the question, how does this affect the way I live today?

We’ll continue that thought tomorrow.