The Forgotten Word
Luke 13:1-9

It’s beyond my comprehension how people can look at God and only see wrath, they must not see the cross, they don’t see the love, they cannot accept the gift of salvation. So they turn God into a God of wrath that they try to please, so they will have some hand, some action in their salvation.

Other people see God not in the terms of wrath or love, but see Him in terms of control or manipulating people. These people cannot sense the freedom in the gospel of Jesus, but they see only a God who controls all of life, the good and the bad.

C.S. Lewis points out that this leads to confusion. He says, much confusion stems from a misunderstanding of the concept that "anything is possible to God." Some things, he notes, are impossible even to God because they are inherently contradictory. Thus it would be absurd to say that God can cause both good and evil at the same time. Lewis sees two factors: physical accident and human sinfulness as the chief causes of the world’s pain and that both are indirect but inescapable consequences of the divine will to create free human spirits."

It is our freedom to choose, it is our freedom to live lives as we choose, that brought the consequences and brokenness into the world. The question is not, "What did I do to deserve this" as if someone with a great hand were mapping out the path of life, but the question should be, "How can God help me live with the consequences of sin that have engulfed my life?"

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