I Want it Back

2 Kings 6:1-7

For the last several days I've been hearing these words in my spirit, "something is missing".

How many have ever eaten something, you know, something you really like, you love it. You love the taste of it. It's cooked a special way. Maybe something your mother made.

Then you taste the same thing somewhere else, but it doesn't taste the same. Something is missing?

How many know that when you taste that something and it tastes different, you immediately recognize something is missing. You can still eat it but it's not as good as you expected. Your taste buds were ready for a party but instead they experience only a visit.

Now let’s swing that over to the spiritual.

If you have never tasted the real thing and if you have never tasted the best, you can be satisfied with a substitute, you can be satisfied with an imitation.

But once you have tasted the authentic, and you have tasted the real thing, you can never be satisfied with an imitation. You know immediately that something is missing.

But the truth is: if you stay with the imitation, the substitute long enough, you can get adjusted and get used to it.

Sad to say, that's exactly what's happened to many of God's people today,;they've had the imitation, they've had the substitute and they have gotten used to it.

But thank God when you're exposed to the authentic again you recognize what you've been missing.

I can't speak for everyone today, so I'll just speak for myself and I can tell you that I have become thankfully and painfully aware that something has been missing.

I want to talk about what is missing, and I'm going to start by saying... if you think nothing is missing then your spiritual taste buds are dead and they need to be resurrected.

So, what is missing? In our text there was a young Prophet who had borrowed an axe; as he was working the axe the head flew off of the handle and into the water and sank to the bottom.

The young Prophet immediately recognizes that something is missing. His work is ineffective.

I can’t speak for everyone, so I’ll just speak for myself when I say this: I don’t want to waste any more time.

My time here on earth is running out and I want to know how to be as effective as possible.

If there’s more power I want it.

If there’s a better way I want to find it.

If there’s something missing I want to add it.

If I’m doing it wrong, I want to get it right.

In our text: We find a school of prophets being led, or instructed by the Prophet Elisha.

We find that these young prophets or disciples feel that they have outgrown their present facilities.

It is perfectly normal that in the process of growth and maturity, that as we grow into some things we also grow out of others.

I don’t wear the same size shoes I did when I was 5 years old.

Some are stuck in an environment that is too small because they refuse to change; they refuse to let go of what they are familiar with and comfortable with even though it’s causing them grief and pain.

Some need to reevaluate their friendship circle; because God is trying to take them somewhere; but shortsighted, low living, lukewarm people are holding them back.

Every man took a beam: Each man must carry his share of the load. It means that each person must be personally involved and committed to the work, and each person must make a personal investment. (Every man and woman must have their own personal testimony).

Elisha said: Go ye, One said, Be content I pray thee and go with thy servants.

One had enough spiritual sense and discernment and perception to realize their success was dependent upon moving in the divine will and purpose and power of God.

In other words, One said, we can’t do this without God.

Too many people have chosen to do it their own way, on their own, and they’ve left God out.

If we do not give Him an invitation He will not come.

If he does not come then you and I are left with a flesh operation.

They cut down wood: (They went to work).

The door to success is marked PUSH. (Pray until something happens)

While they are busy working one of the young prophets loses his axe head.

He immediately recognizes he has lost his power; his actions were not producing any results.

But he acknowledges something else as well.

He acknowledges that the axe head was borrowed, the power was borrowed, he did not own it.

It was the property of another.

He recognizes that his ability and his power to work effectively came from someone else.

How many know, that the same thing is true for you and me?

The power is not ours, the power came from another.

I know you’re a wonder, but you didn’t take 39 stripes on your back, die a cruel death on a cross, descend into the belly of hell and rip the keys of death and hell out of Satan’s hands and then rise from the dead after 3 days and ascend into heaven.

I’m talking about Jesus, Jesus, (Somebody say his Name, JESUS)

He’s the one that was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died a selfless death, and conquered sin and hell.

And He is the one that baptizes with the Holy Ghost and Fire.

John said: I baptize you with water, but there is one coming after me and He will baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire.

The Power source is the Holy Ghost. It’s the anointing of the Holy Ghost that destroys the yoke.

It’s the anointing that heals sick bodies.

It’s the anointing that restores marriages, and broken families.

It’s the anointing that drives out devils.

It’s the anointing that sets the captives free.

It’s the anointing that causes the deaf to hear, the lame to walk, and the blind to see.

Acts 10:38 How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil.

I have to say bravo for this young man who immediately realizes he’s lost the power.

He immediately recognizes the axe head is gone, his power is gone, and he realizes “ I can’t do a thing without it”

How much better off would we be in the church today if we had as much intelligence and integrity as this young man had?

He knew he lost the power.

He knew he couldn’t do a thing without it.

He quit swinging and went to the prophet.

We’ve got too many people in the church today that have lost the power somewhere along the way, but they won’t admit it, and they just keep swinging a dead, lifeless handle bruising tree trunks.

Going through the motions, keeping up appearances. Putting on a good show, looking the part.

Shouting when it’s time to shout, clapping when it’s time to clap, laughing when it’s time to laugh.

“But no Power.”

The Bible says of Samson: After he revealed the secret of his covenant vow and his hair was cut and his strength went from him; that Delilah stood and called to him as at other times, and said; (Samson the Philistines be upon thee).

Samson awoke, and said: I will go out as at other times.

In other words Samson was saying: I know how to do this, I know how it works, I can work it.

And the Bible says: He shook himself as at other times, but he knew not that the Spirit of the Lord had departed from him.

He went through the same motions as he had at other times, but the anointing was gone.

It’s a great tragedy to lose the touch of God, the anointing, the power of God in our life.

But the greater tragedy is to lose that sweet anointing, that glorious touch of heaven and not know it (or worse, to know it but not admit it).

This young man said by his actions:

I lost it.

I know I lost it.

I can’t do a thing without it.

I want it back; do you?

I’m not here to condemn anyone but has someone here lost that sweet touch of God; do we still feel the anointing, has the fire gone out, could we just be going through the motions? Just asking.

I came to the conclusion: I can’t do a thing without it.

I can’t sing without the anointing.

I can’t teach without the anointing.

I can’t preach without the anointing.

I can’t pray without the anointing.

I can’t worship without the anointing.

In fact I agree with the songwriter who said: I can’t walk without Him, I can’t talk without Him.

As a matter of fact I can’t even breathe without Him. In Him we live, we move and we have our being.

We must reach the place this young man reached where he refused to carry on without it.

I would rather hear one single anointed man or woman of God sing, than a thousand voice choir, without the anointing.

Because that one anointed man or woman singing under the anointing carries the touch of heaven and bodies are healed, and yokes are destroyed and captives are set free, and lives are changed for eternity.

I feel something happening in this atmosphere; I feel an anointing rising up in this house.

I feel some people reaching for the anointing.

Show me the place: Where did you lose it?

When did you start just going through the motions?

When did church become dull and lifeless?

When did prayer become just a duty?

Show me the place, was it when somebody lied about you?

Was it when you worked so hard, and somebody overlooked you?

Somebody criticized you?

Or was it you just got too busy with personal matters, (the job, the kids, all their activities?)

When you deserted your devotional time, got too busy to pray, too busy to read the Bible.

Or was it sitting at the computer, letting the Internet steal your life away?

It’s a question we have to answer for ourselves.

We can’t get it back till we admit where we lost it.

Where did we lose our hunger for God?

Where did we lose our passion?

Where did we lose our zeal, our love for the things of God?

Where did we cool off.

We used to be red hot, but now we’re luke warm.

The Bible says, He showed him the place.

Every experience in life is connected with a place.

I can take you to the place where I was born.

I can take you to the place where I proposed to my wife, and where we got married.

I can take you to the place where I was saved, (the house may not be there, but I can take you to the spot).

I can take you to the place where I was baptized with the Holy Ghost and with fire.

I can also take you to the place where the devil started whispering in my ear, and I began to quench the Spirit in my life.

Then I can take you to the place where I wrestled with the Spirit of God all night long making a choice between my will or His destiny for me.

I can take you to the place where I repented, and God said I love you and I forgive you.

He showed him the place:

Our mind has a storehouse of all the significant things that have happened in our life, good or bad.

And they are all connected with a place.

He showed him the place and the prophet cut down a stick and threw it in the water, at the place. At the place where he had lost it.

That stick represents Jesus who was cut down in the midst of His years, but through His sacrifice, He opened the door for our redemption and for us to receive the power of the Holy Spirit.

And the bible says, The Iron did swim.

That axe head that was laying down there on the bottom, got up and started swimming toward that young prophet.

That means that axe head started moving quickly toward that young man.

I just came to tell somebody this morning there’s some stuff that you thought was gone forever, that is getting ready to come back into your life.

There are some things that you have said to yourself, there is no way I can see that ever happening, you’re getting ready to see it. In fact it’s just about ready to break the surface; I can see some faith ripples in the water.

The Bible says, Elisha told the young man to (put forth thy hand and take it up to thee).

And he reached forth his hand and took it.

Folks, it’s within reach, we can have it if we want it, we can have it if we’re willing to reach for it. We have got to take it.

This is what the Holy Spirit has been showing me that is missing in the local church today and in many of our lives.

And to tell the truth I have been under conviction that we could ever think for a minute that we can move forward without it.

Passion, Zeal for God, True Spiritual hunger.

Burden, travail for the lost.

Holy ghost conviction.

Consecration, Commitment

Sanctification, Holiness

Fasting and Prayer

Miracles, Signs, Wonders, Healing, Deliverance.

This is what I have been hearing and sensing and knowing and recognizing in my Spirit that has been missing in my life.

This is how I'm closing this service today, I want it Back.

Just like that young prophet wanted that axe head back and wanted his cutting power back.

I want it back. I want everything that I let slip away from me back. I want everything that I underestimated and thought I could do without, I want it back.

I want my passion back.

I want my fire back.

I want my freedom and my liberty and my joy back.

I want the power back.

I want the supernatural back.

I want the desire for fasting and prayer back in my life.

I want the glory of God back in my life and back in the church.

Something’s been missing and now I know what it is, and I refuse to carry on without it; I want it back!! How about you, do you want it back?

Come on it’s time to take your joy back.

Take your peace back.

Take your children back.

Take your ministry back.

Take your anointing back.

I don’t care how bad you’ve messed up, God said He’s here to restore it to you, if you’ll just admit that you need Him and that you can’t do a thing without Him.

Everything you need is in the Anointing, and it’s within reach if we’ll just stretch out and take it.

If you know in you're heart, you have lost something, you don't have that fire you used to have.

The anointing is not operating in your life like it used to.

You don't have that Joy, that peace you used to have.

Your prayers are dull and dry, and empty.

Your worship has become a ceremony rather than a celebration.

Or maybe I'm talking to someone right now, who is saved, you've been washed in the blood of Jesus and you're ready for heaven, but you've never received this precious gift, this power from on high, this anointing.

The Bible says, the promise is unto you and unto your children and all that are afar off even as many as the Lord our God shall call.

God wants to give us power over the devil and power to be a witness.

Ask Him to do that in your life this morning.

The alter is open or just lift your hands right now and ask him to fill you afresh with His Spirit.



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