Message For The Day

You don’t have to be a Crumb Snatcher

Mark 7:24-37

By the power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we have access to God and we are all welcome to come and join the party. I don’t know about you, but I am glad that I am invited to the party where Jesus is the host!

But what happens when you feel that you are not invited to Christ’s banquet? What if you feel as if you are not qualified? What happens when you feel unworthy, dirty, and unclean? What happens when you are systematically left out of the party?

This is what we have in our text, two situations, one involving a woman, and the other involving a group of people. In both situations the people needed something, but due to Jewish doctrine and beliefs, they weren’t really invited to the party.

You see, Jesus had entered Gentile country. After preaching a serious discourse of what’s the meaning of clean and unclean, after telling the religious leaders of his day that what goes into a person doesn’t make the person unclean, but what comes out make that person unclean, Jesus now heads for “unclean” Gentile country.

I can imagine the religious leaders saying, “Why is He going there? What is He doing in Gentile country? Doesn’t He know that these people are unclean?” Even His disciples had to be wondering, “Jesus, why are we here? What are you doing? Shouldn’t we be preaching to our own people? Why are we here?”

These Gentile people weren’t invited to the party. They weren’t fit for the theology of the day. They didn’t have the gospel. They weren’t Jews, so no one considered them important. They were locked out of the church. Israel was to be the light unto the Gentiles, but many Jewish leaders, used their status as God’s chosen people, to condemn others.

Folks, lets not be guilty of locking folk out of the church. Let not our doctrine be stained by the residue of selective inclusion. Let’s tell a dying humanity that Jesus died for all of us. Let’s tell the people that ”whosoever” can come. Let’s tell the people, that Jesus is a heart fixer and a mind regulator. Let’s tell the people, that Jesus is a burden bearer and a heavy load sharer. Let’s tell the people that there is hope in your hell and mercy in your mess. Let’s tell people that Jesus is the savior for all humankind. Let’s tell the people, that Jesus lives and breathes right here today. Let’s tell the people that greater is the One that’s within you, than the one that’s in the world.

But the prevailing theology of Jesus’ day was that people who didn’t fit, who didn’t have the right status, the right position, and in the right condition, need not come to the party. There’s nothing that God will do for you, matter of fact, the reason you are in the condition that you are in is because God has not look favorably on you. I trust that is not our position.