This story is told of a wagon train on THE OREGON TRAIL. Water and grass had been scarce for several days. Some of the wagons were broken down, with consequent delays amid the stifling heat. A general feeling of irritability had replaced the early optimism and cheer. So it was decided that, at the next night’s stop, a meeting would be held to air their troubles. When the immigrants had gathered around the campfire, one of them arose and said, “Before we do anything else, I think we should first thank God that we have come this far with no loss of life, with no serious trouble with the Indians, and that we have enough strength left to finish our journey.”

After that prayer, there was silence. No one had any complaints to make. Looked at in such a light, it seemed they really were fortunate. This is the transformation the thankful heart can often make. It enables us to see the real dimensions of many worth-while things that might be passed over.

You may or may not accept my belief that having a heart full of grace will change you and change your outlook on life. But can I make this request of you? Try it out. Whatever happens in your life, find something in that situation for which you can give thanks. Then, once you’ve found that thing to be thankful for, express your thanks to the person or persons who are responsible for that item of thanks. Don’t keep the thanks inside. Let it spill over the sides and run down into the saucer. Then, your attitude of gratitude will not only affect you and your outlook on life, but it will also affect the people around you. God will fill your heart with His Amazing Grace, if you will let Him. Amen!

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