Message For The Day

Ezekiel 37

Revival is coming to the body of Christ, it has already begun. The church is being raised up, and righteousness is being restored. I prophesy that we are on the threshold of the greatest revival the world has ever seen. You say pastor how can you say that? We have never seen so much immorality and hostility and darkness and spiritual wickedness and perversion and idolatry in the Christian world and in the church.

That's the reason why I'm more convinced than ever that revival is coming. Because it looks impossible, it looks hopeless, it looks irreversible and it looks like the devil is winning. It looks like truth and righteousness have been trampled down in the street, but just like those two prophets in the book of Revelation that are resurrected from the dead. Truth and righteousness are going to be resurrected and the church is going to once again shine forth with the glory of God. It's not over.

I'm prophesying to the dry bones today, Oh you dry bones hear the word of the Lord. It's not over. The church is not dead. I'm going to restore you says the Lord.

And (as I prophesied:) there was a noise and a shaking. Don't suppose that revival is just going to appear out of nowhere. There is a word that is coming from God that is going to shift the atmosphere. This word is going to shake things up. This word is going to rebuke sin and stir up the hypocrites and the religious. This word is going to expose the church marriages that have been made with the world system.

God says, I'm going to put your royal robes back on you. I'm going to fill you with My Spirit once again. You're going to walk and talk and live and breathe by the power of the Holy Spirit. You're going to stand up on your feet a mighty army. You're going to march into the enemy's camp and take back everything that has been stolen from you.

Oh you dry bones hear the word of the Lord, God isn't finished with you yet. Your best days are ahead of you. The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the glory of the former house. You haven't seen anything yet. But before the church can be restored to divine order it first has to be broken.

In other words, all that is structured and arranged and ordered of the flesh has to be broken, all that is false religion must be torn down. All flesh connections have to be severed.

The reason many believers haven't connected with their promise is because they are still nursing connections in the flesh. They're choosing the flesh over the spirit. As the word went forth divine connections were made, bone to his bone.

I prophesy that there are flesh connections that are going to be broken and divine connections are going to be made. Nothing is more important in life than the right connections. The right church, the right mate, the right friends, the right business partners. The power of God flows through right connections.

When it’s a divine connection it will feed and it will strengthen, it will nourish the anointing and the destiny in our life. If the connections in our life do not support and encourage and feed and strengthen our anointing and our destiny, we need to deliver ourselves from them.

I don't care if it's people, or it's our TV shows, or our music, we better be sure it's a divine connection. Now God says, Prophesy to the wind. The bones have been covered with muscles and flesh and skin, and the bones have come together. There are bodies but there is no life. There is order but there is no life. There is structure and arrangement but it is dead. There is a shape and form but there is no power.

Folks, this is a description of religion. Religion can put everything in order, religion can build an altar, religion can even shout and dance and pray, but religion cannot bring the fire of God. Religion talks about God, sings about God, even preaches about God, but religion doesn't know God. Religion is the show, it’s the shape and fashion, it's the form, it's the ceremonies, the rituals, the going through the motions. It's the form of godliness that denies the power thereof.

Prophesy to the wind, come oh breath and breathe upon these slain that they may live. Nothing but the breath of God can give life. Nothing but the Spirit of God can give life. Nothing but the presence and the power of the Holy Ghost can give life. Churches gather all over the world every Sunday, but in many churches the Holy Spirit is not welcome.

They have programs, and methods, and mechanics, and routines, and ceremonies, and rituals, and the Holy Ghost isn't necessary. They know how to have church. So all over the world every Sunday, dry bones come marching into the church and rattle around, make some noise, perform their duties, then march back out just as dry.

Why is it that we have programmed the Holy Spirit out of our services?

Are you hearing me?

To be continued.