Message For The Day

Continued, I really am not trying to be mean or hurt your feelings but I believe this message could be the difference between heaven and hell for us. We may quit smoking and drinking, slipping and sliding, peeking and hiding; we may dress up and carry a Bible and sing on perfect pitch; we may look good, smell good, and feel good, but if we haven't been to Calvary we're lost. Perilous dark and dangerous times are here, But under the Blood You Can't lose.

If you haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior and you have not had your sins washed away by His blood, then you are lost and if you die that way you will go to hell. God is going to hold us preachers responsible that don't tell the truth. The most important thing in our life is not a new car a new house a new wife and a new self esteem, the most important thing is our soul. Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing power, are you washed in the blood of the lamb? Are you daily trusting in His grace this hour, are you washed in the blood of the lamb?

Folks, The Holy Spirit says to us today, lay aside those garments that are stained with sin and be washed in the blood of the lamb. There's a fountain flowing for the soul unclean O be washed in the blood of the lamb. The reason many of our churches today are lifeless and powerless is because they are anemic, they're weak blooded, and they have a blood deficiency. That’s why they have to resort to lighting, and mood setting, and pageantry, and smoke and mirrors, and Hollywood theatrics, because they have no power.

And the reason they have no power is because there is no blood. There's no blood in their preaching, there's no blood in their singing, there's no blood in their testimony. Rev: 12:11 And they overcame the devil by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony. If you want to see the power of God in the church again talk about the blood, sing about the blood, testify about the blood, preach about the blood, look for the blood, that’s what the Holy Spirit is looking for. That’s the question the Holy Spirit is asking every church, where is the blood?

Just as surely as the death angel passed through Egypt and death came to every house where the blood was not applied, death is passing through the land today and the only safe place is under the blood. Death is coming to every house that is not under the blood and it doesn’t matter how religious that house is.

America, get under the blood, friend get under the blood, Church family get under the blood, And when we get back under the blood we'll get back under the power. FIRST IT'S CLEANSING THEN IT'S POWER.

The Bible was speaking of Believers failing or sinning when it says, if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1John 1:9); it is nothing but the blood that can cleanse us from our sins. The blood can only cleanse what we confess, and the blood can only remove what we repent of. It’s more than just confessing, it’s forsaking. Repentance is more than just saying I’m sorry, repentance is a new way of living, repentance is an about face.

THIS MUST BE THE CHURCHES' FINEST HOUR, AND IN ORDER FOR THIS TO BE OUR FINEST HOUR WE HAVE GOT TO HAVE PENTECOSTAL POWER. And the only way to get the power is through the blood. There is Power, Power wonder working Power in the blood of the Lamb. The cross is the doorway to power. If there had been no Calvary and there had been no cross and there had been no crucifixion, then there would have been no blood and no resurrection and there would have been no Pentecost and there would have been no power. There's no short cut to power, there's no testimony without a test, There's no victory without a fight, There's no crown without a cross, And there's no power without blood.

But thanks be to God, that crimson river still flows from Calvary, that cleansing tide still flows from the Savior's side, and because His blood still flows, His power is still being poured out. The devil isn’t afraid of our singing, and he isn’t afraid of our shouting and our dancing, and he is not even afraid of our preaching; but there is one thing that sends shock waves through hell and that’s a church that lives by the blood of the lamb. A church that knows how to plead the blood, A church that knows how to wage war by the power of the blood. And they overcame him, by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.

There's no short cut to power. Amen!