Message For The Day

Continued; Never before has a message been so necessary and so neglected, perilous dark and dangerous times are here, and to ignore this message is as foolish as trying to stand up to a Tsunami, we can't win, But under the Blood we Can't lose.

The pathway to power is soaked in blood. If you want to walk in power with the Lion of the tribe of Judah; you first have to be covered in the blood of the lamb. I'm talking about the blood. There is something that happens in my spirit when I talk about the blood. Something stands up on the inside of me, I feel my spirit wake up; I feel an anointing stirring up. I thank God for the blood. I know we’re all modern today and we’ve got access to the libraries of the world at our finger tips. We can flip on the TV, Internet, YouTube any time night or day and hear someone preaching or teaching the word. Some have got the Bible on tablets, I pads, I phones, and cell phones, we can study the Hebrew and the Greek meaning of Bible words right from our cell phones, we are in a hear it all, see it all and know it all generation, but for all our technology and for all our intelligence and know how, I am concerned that we have lost something. Our grandma’s and grandpa’s didn’t have access to all the modern conveniences and technology we have today but they had something we have lost in our modern high tech church age, they understood the importance of living under the blood of Jesus.

Those old timers would do something they would call “Plead the Blood,” I plead the blood. They would plead the blood on everything, the house, the car, the cat, the dog, the chickens, the hogs, the garden, everything was covered with the blood. They might not have understood it, but that word is actually a legal term, it was an answer to a judgment; the judge would say, you have been charged with such and such a crime, how do you plead. That means that the Judge was asking, what is your defense to this and the accused would answer I plead guilty, or not guilty by reason of insanity, or I plead the fifth.

Well that legal proceeding carries over into the Spirit realm; when the devil comes around saying you have been accused of such and such a crime and the devil says you have sinned and come short of the glory of God, what is your defense? That is when you look the devil in the eye and you square your shoulders back and you say I Plead The Blood, I plead the Blood, The blood is my defense, the blood speaks for me.

You may have a pretty church, and you may have a pretty pulpit, and you may have talent and you may have skill, you may have knowledge and you may have position, but without the Blood You have no Power!!! Without the blood you are dead, I don't care how big, how muscular, or how pretty the body may be, without the blood, the body is dead. I don't care how big or how beautiful your church may be, without the blood it's dead. You may have beautiful singing, you may have great enthusiasm and you may even have educated preachers, but if you don't have the blood you're nothing but a pretty corpse. Just like a dead body dressed up by the undertaker to look good for a funeral. Without the blood, you're dead.

Have you ever wondered why there is such a fascination today in the world over zombie movies, and dressing like a zombie, and acting like a zombie? Even our commercials are advertising Zombies. I can tell you why, buckle your seat belts, it's because the church on a large scale has become zombies. Zombies are the living dead, or the walking dead. That’s what any church, any Christian without the blood is: they are the walking dead. Any church, any preacher, any pastor, any believer who does not love the blood is nothing but a Spiritual Zombie. There's no such thing as a Christian without the blood. Jesus said: Except you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you.

This gospel is a bloody gospel, Calvary was bloody, the cross was bloody, Jesus’ blood poured out of His body, Jesus carried His own blood into the holy place and offered it upon the mercy seat in heaven. God accepted Jesus’ blood as an offering for sin. And it is by and because of that same blood that we are saved today. We are washed by that blood, we are sanctified by that blood, we are justified by that blood, we are redeemed by that blood, we are protected by that blood, we are delivered by that blood, our conscience is cleansed by that blood, and we are healed by that blood.

Again, we’ll talk more tomorrow.