Message For The Day

Continued from yesterday.

The church today is filled with people who sing about God and talk about God: but the clarion call of the Spirit today is for those who Know God personally, who are living in His presence and walking in His power.

Dan. 11:30-32 But the People who know their God will display strength and take action.

Now if the Holy Spirit will help me: I want to bring you to the heart of this. This is really what the Holy Spirit burned in my heart for us. “But” That one little word, changes the whole picture. That word means, now that you've heard everything else, understand that what is coming next will eclipse the rest. It is a word that tells me, what is coming next is greater, more powerful, and more significant than everything that preceded it. So after all the bad report here is that one little game changer, the word but.

But: (It means) regardless of the darkness, regardless of the evil the wickedness, the violence, the lawlessness, the corruption. God still has a people. The Bible says by the hands of the apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people. Or many exploits. The devil is trying to manipulate us and intimidate and back the church into a corner. He's trying to emasculate the church and strip us of our spiritual power and our spiritual virility, he's trying to make spiritual wimps out of us and make us spiritually impotent and powerless.

“But” But there is a people, there are people who do know their God. There are people that aren't selling out. There are people who aren’t compromising. There are people who aren’t playing footsies with the spirit of worldliness. There are people who are not sleeping with this harlot spirit, and they are not laying their head in the lap of Delilah. There are people that do know their God and the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

I Believe I'm talking to some of those people right now, I believe I’m talking
to some people who know God. We know how to get a hold of God, we have a relationship with Him, He knows our voice, He knows us by name.

If you don't know Him that way today, I wouldn't stop reading without asking Him to come into your heart. I wouldn't leave without knowing that you're on talking terms with the master. This world is a dark place and getting worse all the time. The only safe place there is, is in Jesus. He is our cleft in the rock He is our hiding place, He is our strong tower He is our defender, He is our deliverer, He is our captain, do you know Him? I mean know Him; do you walk together, talk together, fellowship, commune with each other?

My advice to us today is: Get to know Him, because if we know Him, we won't be deceived, If we know Him we won't get carried away with flatteries, and fleshly desires. And if we know him, instead of backing up and hiding out and quieting down we'll be standing up and shouting out, and we'll be walking in the power and the anointing of the Holy Ghost and will be strong and doing exploits.

I'm calling everyone to the front line army because this is what it’s going to take to make it in these last and evil days. We’ve got to have the power of God in our life. We’ve got to live close to God; we’ve got to spend time in His presence.

If we want to be strong and we want to do exploits get down on our knees and let God know there is still a people who want His presence and want His power, Amen?