Message For The Day

The church today is filled with people who sing about God and talk about God: but the clarion call of the Spirit today is for those who Know God personally, who are living in His presence and walking in His power.

Dan. 11:30-32 But the People who know their God will display strength and take action.

I believe you know by now that if you are looking for someone to tickle your ears, and pet your flesh and make excuses for living a slippy sloppy flippy floppy life these messages are not for you. God did not call me, separate me from sin and disgrace and fill me with His Holy Spirit just to pat people on the back and shake their hands on their way to destruction. Sometimes the medicine is a little hard to swallow, but if you can keep it down it will deliver our souls. I don't mean to sound cross or harsh or uncaring or unsympathetic but my spirit is stirred up and agitated by all the gobbledygook and nonsense that is being propagated today as gospel.

I know it sounds crazy, but now you have the church (I say that loosely- I mean many that profess to be the church) spending as much time at the casino as they do at church. Gamble all night Saturday then drag in on Sunday morning and wonder why the service is dry and why they don't experience the presence of God. You may say, Preacher why are you preaching stuff like this (this is between me and God, it is personal, it's none of your business.) But the Bible says it's the responsibility of the priest, the preachers, the prophets, to put a difference between the clean and unclean the holy and the profane. I know it doesn't look like it or feel like it, but I can tell you, there is a whole generation of people in the church and out of the church whose hearts are crying out for someone to draw the lines and establish the boundaries of truth, and not move them back and forth to accommodate the social climate.

Grace was never meant to destroy the law or deliver us from the law, Grace came to fulfill the law to complete what the law came short on (which is righteousness.) The law came up short because it was not of faith and righteousness can only come by faith. But the Law, According to the word of God (is our schoolmaster to lead us to Christ). That word "schoolmaster" doesn't mean a tyrant, or a dictator or a slave master, it means a tutor, a guardian, a guide, an attendant. Why would I hate my schoolmaster that led me to Christ? Grace came to deliver us from sin and to empower us to conquer sin and live holy by the power of the Holy Spirit. Many preachers today leave you believing that Grace and the law are in a fight. It's almost as though they put Moses and Jesus in the ring and say now may the best man win. The Bible says the law came by Moses but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. Why is it that there is such a war against the law in the church today? I'll tell you why, because the law deals with absolutes, the law defines right and wrong. The Bible says, by the law is the knowledge of sin (Rom 3:20).

The law establishes boundaries; we need that in the churches today, we need our boundaries defined, we are quickly becoming a lawless church. The Bible says the mystery of iniquity doth already work (2 Thess. 2:7). That word iniquity means lawlessness, transgressing the law, contempt, in violation of the law, wickedness. Buckle your seat belts, I'm going to say something and you need to be buckled in. The contempt we see for the law today is rooted in the church that has rejected God's laws. The world, the street, the violence, the contempt, the rebellion we have toward the law today is just a reflection of a lukewarm self ruled, self governing self centered Laodicean church that said we don't have any laws, we don't have any restrictions, there are no absolutes, and it's all about Grace, it's whatever we want to do. There are no absolutes therefore there are no consequences for wrong actions because grace has destroyed the law so there is nothing to tell us what is wrong or hold us accountable.

We’ll talk more tomorrow.