Message For The Day

Showing love to a thousand generations!

Deuteronomy 5:10 “I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, ……….showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.” No other gods or this world can give such a spectacular offer!

Today, while one (especially the youth) is in the process of “being in love” they fail to look into the other ‘aspects’ that would later put them into trouble. Talking the whole night through, swapping inappropriate photos, dirty chatting, dating, lusting, midnight partying, boozing have all become part and parcel of many today. Live-in relationships, physical relationship outside marriage and before marriage is no longer shocking or taboo! It is common and normal, done in the name of love! The bliss does not last long though! The façade peels away after a while and reveals the grotesque ugliness beneath. But the Lord your God shows love to a thousand generations. Which choice sounds best?

In the midst of emotions like: ‘Please talk to me, please love me, please text me and please appreciate me”, we have a promise by God Himself – yes very much by God – who said, “I will bless a thousand generations” of those who love me and keep my commandments. Ah! What a promise! We roam around demanding and seeking for love, either because we are ignorant of this promise or we do not believe His promise.

Our HEAVENLY FATHER will do and is able to do much more for those who love Him deeply and wholeheartedly. Folks, give your heart to Jesus! The exchange you get is blessings for a thousand generations! Wow! Worth the swap!

There are people seeking baptism in water without repentance for the washing away of their sins and curses. They brave the crowd, the journey and struggles, so that they can get rid of the curses, sins that seem to throttle them, but sadly water cannot give you new life! Only Jesus can wash away your sins and give you new life! I say this not arrogantly but very humbly because I have personal testimony of receiving healing from Jesus!
Many may not believe in curses, but one cannot just ignore them. (for another lesson) Nevertheless, when you love Jesus and follow Him – HE WIPES AWAY EVERY CURSE FROM YOUR LIFE! Can you believe? You don’t have to carry loads, you don’t have to burn incense sticks, you don’t have to utter mantras or walk miles to appease Him – HE JUST WANTS YOUR LOVE! Anybody listening?

I roamed for true love…….. I ached for unconditional love that would accept me as I am……….. I lived in loneliness and darkness for several years…I felt rejected, ignored and worthless about myself…. I felt I had no future or life…… I was looking for a friend to console and comfort me…….. UNTIL, UNTIL, UNTIL………. JESUS CAME INTO MY LIFE AND GAVE ME ‘WHOLESOME LOVE’ not bits and pieces!

I need nothing more since I have JESUS!