Pastor T's Newspaper Articles

February 14, 2018, Pastor T's News Article in The News Observer

Some will say: Pastor “T” you’re laying it on pretty thick aren’t you? (Surely it’s not that bad.) Yes it is that bad, and any Pastor, leader, shepherd that does not sound the fire alarm to anyone who will listen is failing in their call. When witches are banding together and calling for the country to join them in casting spells, hexes and curses against the president and the Supreme Court, WE have a problem and it's not just a disagreement of political parties! It's spiritual warfare.

The snakes are coming out of the wood piles! The most important thing the ministry can do today is to equip the saints to fight. Like never before it's time to pray, and it's time to pray like never before. Now I lay me down to sleep prayers won't work here. If the church would have prayed those kinds of wimpy, sleepy prayers for Peter he would have died. But the church went into deep spiritual warfare; they went into heaven shaking hell, unceasing prayer and God sent an angel who delivered Peter from the same fate that James suffered. James died because the church was asleep.

Some say, what we need is some new converts, that’ll set the church on fire! No, what WE need is some fire, and there will be people converted! Why aren’t most churches seeing people saved? The answer is found in another question: Can God entrust them with new converts? Charles Spurgeon: “to put new converts into most churches is like putting live chicks under a dead hen.” They need the warmth of “the fire!”

It's time for the church to wake up, this is no time for the church to rest on her laurels, this is the time for the church to get on fire. I'm not speaking about the Holy Spirit because I think it would be neat for you to speak in tongues. I'm speaking about being baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire because Hell is being unleashed against the church and the world, and the only thing that can qualify us and equip us and empower us is the Power of the Holy Ghost and Fire. God is A Consuming Fire. Holy Ghost baptism is a fire baptism; you cannot separate the fire from the Holy Spirit.

Praise God and be blessed beyond your expectations.