Message For The Day

God of Blazing Fire- Deuteronomy 5:22-33

God is a “Living God”. He is not a dead God, a defeated God, a defiled God. He is ever living, ever loving, never sleeps nor slumbers. He is a moving, touching and multiplying God.

Jesus was often understood as a mild God, a meek God, a soft in nature God, dealing gently, humbly and graciously. He was known as a God who made covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He’s shown His grace for thousands of generations.

He revealed Himself to Moses as “I am that I am” from the burning bush. (Gen.19:2). He was known as a consuming fire. (Dt.4:24,9:3 Heb.12:29, Ex.24:17, Nu 11:1-3, Dt.9:15, Ps.18:8). His tongue is a consuming fire. (Is.30:27). His words are fire (Jer.23:29). He was a Pillar of Fire ( Ex.13:21-22).

Moses told the Israelites to remember the Power of God in Deut. 4:12,15,33,36; 5:4,22-26; 9:10 His words heard out of fire (Ex.19:18). He who answers out of Fire is God (IKi.18:22-24, 38).

The fire came and consumed everything. When God comes the fire goes forth from Him (Ps.50:3, 97:3). Elijah experienced it three times, once at mount Horeb (1Ki.19:11), second in his last days (2 Ki.1:10, 12,14 fire consumed the colonels; 2:11 he was taken up to heavens).

Servants of God are Flames of fire (Ps.104:4 & Heb.1:7)

One disciple asked one of the Church fathers, why do I need to go Sunday worships. Can’t I maintain my life spirituality without fellowship? They were sitting at the campfire. He asked the disciple to pull out one fire brand from the campfire and asked him to keep it aside. The he continued his discourse. After a while the man asked why are you not answering.  He said now look to the plank out of the fire, it had become very cold. So the independent Christian will lose the power of God if not united.

Samson was fire for God but had fallen to Delilah the prostitute and lost his power Jud.16:1,7,10-11, 16-17-20-he did not realize that the power of God, the presence of God left him.

The sons of Eli were performing all the duties of Levites without the Holy presence of God as written in Lev.6:12-13 and Lev.10:1-2, but the fire of God came forth and consumed 250 people (Nu.16:35) and the presence of God left them, they became Icabod (I Sam 4:21). If God is with us who can be against us, if God is not with us how can we conquer.

The Spirit of God left King Saul and he was possessed by an Evil Spirit (1 Sam.16:14-15). John the Baptist was the burning light (Jn.5:35). Rev. John Wesley was known as a plank out of fire.

Solomon prayed and fire came from heaven (1 Chr.7:1,3) Believers are Fire Planks.

Jesus came to give baptism of fire (Matt.3:11). Luke 12:49 says, “I came to put the fire upon you”. Ac.2:3 says that the Lord sent His Spirit as firing tongues upon those who waited for Him. Don’t put off the Spirit’s fire (1Thess. 5:19). Fan into flame the gift of God (1Tim.1:6).

Ps.34:5 Look unto Him for radiant life. Moses had a shining and radiant face (Ex.34:30). The face of Jesus was shining at the mount of transfiguration (Mt.17:2). The face of Stephen (Ac.6:15). You are the Light (Matt.5:14). Live as Children of the Light (Eph.5:8). Shine like stars (Phil.2:15). When I meditate the fire comes (Ps.39:3).

At the end we are going to experience the Lord Jesus as blazing fire (2Thess.1:7-8, Is.66:15). This is glowing and radiating fire.

Can we be described as children of Light, on fire for God?